Art Belly dance - Movements of the hand (Wave)
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Technical translation

Movements of the hand

Wave hand
Swing hand
Orbit hand
Orbit shoulder
Hit shoulder
Rotation hand
Wave arm
Bend with hand

    Wave hands

  • 1. Hands in the parties, palms downwards and inside. We lift a hand gradually, beginning from a shoulder
    2. We lift an elbow
    3. We lift a wrist
    4. We lift a brush.

    *** We alternate movements by the right and left hand
    *** The Hand moves as though in a pipe - tips of fingers in one point

    Eastern dances and the health

    The dance of stomach - one of the forms of sport occupation for the women; therefore the precautionary measure during the twistings, the sharp motions it is necessary to assume the same as with other occupations of those connected with the loads on the organism.

    Begun dance should be after limbering-up, the warming-up of muscle consult with the doctor apropos of scoliosis and other typical illnesses of spine to dance it is possible, but you will decrease the speed and the motion amplitude with any illness or deviation.

    The dance of stomach - form of skill, which will help to strengthen muscles of stomach, thighs, buttocks and hands better than any traditional program of aerobic exercises or occupation on the trainer.

    The plastic and gratsioznost' of eastern dances, inscribed into the figure of contemporary club dance produces the fantastic impression of mysteriousness and femininity.

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