Art Belly dance - Movements of the head (hit)
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Technical translation

Movements of the head

Hit head
Swing hair
Swing from bend

    Hit of the head

  • 1. Weaken back muscles of a neck, sharply shift a head to the right
    2. Return back in average position

    *** Shift a head two times aside and back in average position

    *** Between hands and a head from above and at the left-on the right-from above about identical distance

    Popularity in the world

    In spite of the separation in the description of numerous schools accepted it is course on the instruction in Egyptian, Arab, Turkish dances solidly it entered name "dance of stomach". That dance of the stomach, which they fulfill in Europe, USA, Russia, yes even in the Arab countries sometimes, this the already club version of the classical dance of stomach.

    Modern or belly dances show - dance of the stomach, which fulfill the women of Europe, figuratively speaking, between snowdrifts and birches.

    The dance of stomach conquered popularity among the women of entire peace for several reasons: by the basis of all dances of the Arab countries are motions thighs, which, undoubtedly, is useful for the health and it is very sexual.

(C) Alisa Yasnoy