Art Belly dance - up-down(with 8 eight)
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Technical translation

With eight

To knee
To down
With shimmies
With wave
With skew
With 8

    Rise-descent with eight

  • Descents and rises with 8 eight upward to carry out easier, than with 8 downwards.

    *** try to finish descent to position on foot smoothly without jerks

    Belly dance in a life of the woman

    To you the partner is not necessary and it is absolutely not important how old are you and what your dimensions - the make-up and a suit of the East will allow to emphasize your individuality.

    To begin it is possible at any age without restrictions

    Club dances and belly dance is a mix of various dancing styles. Them dance in night clubs, in discos and parties for rest and entertainment. What style is closer to you - depends on your individuality. Belly dance is unique for each woman that emphasizes its beauty and originality of its movements of a body.

    Free Animated belly dances lessons - for you!

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